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T O N E ~ is a healing touch to your well-being.  We provide various massage modalities that are customized to your needs; whether it is therapeutic, or a quick spa treatment, we have a service for you. 

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    • Rhythm & Relaxation w/Lavender (R&R) $85
      Our industry's most tranquil massage which utilizes classic Swedish strokes for great relaxation. This massage is used with Herbal Lavender lotion with a light lavender scent. Aromatherapy helps the mind and body to  receive natural, therapeutic healing properties.   This service is also available for a 90 minute session. 
    • Therapeutic Rhythmic Recital (includes Deep Tissue) $100
      Assists and relieves discomfort associated with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation, as well as reducing inflammation and helping to eliminate scar tissue. Includes various modalities during session. You may add a muscle relief balm to help soothe muscles *This service is also available for a 90 minute session. **Includes a warm herbal back pack to assist with a deep therapeutic session.
    • 1 & 1/2 Hour R&R w/Lavender $120
      Enjoy several hot stones on your back and a warm foot wrap for complete serenity & deep breathing during your 90 minute Rhythm & Relaxation Swedish Massage. Includes Herbal Lavender lotion for a deeper relaxtion.

    • 1 &1/2 Hour Therapeutic Rhythmic Recital $130
      Therapeutic Rhythmic Recital/ A customized blending of modalities to aid in muscle ease, generate effective relief, and balance the body's natural wavelength. Some modalities to be used, but not limited to the following; Trigger Point Therapy; Deep Tissue; Swedish; Heating Wraps; Herbal Back pack Therapies; Stretching; Cranial Sacral Therapies; Reflexology; Muscle Alleviation Balm.
    • Short Prelude Session $50
      Short on time? Schedule a quick and easy massage session for the neck and back. Most people carry stress in these areas and have limited time. This will be perfect to relieve the tension! ~ You never know, you might just relax and stay for another 30 minutes!

      • Hot Inspirational Stones 1&1/2 $140
        Hot river stone massage is a Speciality, that  is growing in popularity and is a great way to relieve stress, improve circulation, and allow your muscles to relax. The weight and heat of the stones are therapeutic and  will melt you away!!  (This is a one and half hour session.)
      • A New Melody/PreNatal $105
        This speciality massage is for the expectant mother, who should be 14 weeks before receiving this calming masssage. Long, slow Swedish strokes will help with aching hip muscles, neck tension, and back aches, pains common in pregnancy.  You'll receive pillow support while on the table and relaxtion, for a better night's sleep. 
      • Sole of the Foot (Therapeutic Foot Treatment) $65
        Taking care of your "Sole of the Foot" will stimulate reflex points and rejuvenate your spirit. This spa session will include a foot soak with aromatherapy bath crystals, a stimulating foot exfoliation, with warm towel removal, and a relaxing foot & leg massage with hot river stones, concentrating on pressure points on both feet. This type of massage has been practiced for centuries and promotes over-all relaxation.  It helps keep balance throughout the body.
  • Sweet Scents Spa Enhancements (Add-ons)

    Add any one of these to enhance your session to receive an ultimate experience.
    • Peppermint Scalp Massage $15
      Enjoy an added 10 minutes of the invigorating sweet smells of peppermint, leaving your scalp feeling tingly and freshing!
    • Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy $10
      Adding this modality will help relieve chronic muscular pain, reduce inflammation, and balance the body's natural wavelength. You will also receive a heated herbal back pack to help relax your muscles.
    • Hot Rockin Rolling Stones $20
      Add 5 to 6  hot river stones during your appointment to melt your back and receive an ultimate therapeutic session for a deep relaxion.
    • Fix My Jaw/TMJ Treatment (15m) $25
      This treatment is to help with the muscles and tendons causing tightness in the neck and mandibular joint. This will help alleviate headaches, caused by clinching or grinding your teeth, as well as, the tension in some of the neck and head muscles. 
    • Cupping $30
  • Specials, Deals & Comps

    You may check here for any SPECIAL OFFERS, such as for Birthdays, Holidays, or Special occassions. Also, during the change of seasons, there may be a NEW service or DEAL being promoted. 

Gift Certificates

  • TONE~Artistic Massage Gift Certificate $50
    This certificate can be used towards a massage service.
  • TONE~Artistic Massage Gift Certificate $100
    This certificate may be used towards massage services and enhancement or add-on services.
  • Sole of the Foot/Reflexology Treatment Gift Certificate $65
    Taking care of your "Sole of the Foot" will stimulate reflex points and rejuvenate your spirit. This session will include a warm foot wrap, a relaxing foot massage with river stones, some myofascial techniques, concentrating on pressure spots on both feet. This type of massage has been practiced for centuries and promotes balance throughout the body.
  • RELAXING MASSAGE Gift Certificate $85
    Receive a  one hour relaxing Swedish massage with Lavender lotion and  tranquil music in a quiet atmosphere. You deserve it!
  • THERAPEUTIC Gift Certificate $100
    Receive a one hour therapeutic massage session with a blend of essential oils. Chronic issues will be addressed with deeper pressure and various modalities used to break the spasm cycle. A warm herbal back pack and heated table are available during this session. 
  • 90MIN TherapMassage Gift Certificate $130
    Receive a 90 minute therapeutic massage session with a blend of essential oils. Concentrating on your chronic areas with deep tissue and/or trigger point therapies. A warm herbal back pack and heated table are for your relaxation. 



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